Summer Camps are here.
WE will be hosting at Marvin Ridge high School  Volleyball Camp, Baseball Camp, and a Soccer Camp.
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Please support the Marvin Ridge Volleyball team by purchasing tickets for a chance to win one of these gift baskets.  These would be GREAT graduation gifts!!!

Union Select Academy is an opportunity for younger athletes, ages 14 and under, to experience all the aspects of the game of volleyball.  This Academy will teach fundamental skills that focus on hand eye coordination, footwork, and teamwork, along with discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, commitment, leadership, work ethic, integrity, communication, and mental toughness. These characteristics are vital both on and off the court and in the personal development of our athletes. Parents and players get an early exposure to the sport of volleyball and opportunities to learn more about club volleyball in the Charlotte region.
- We will develop fundamental skills that will enable players to enjoy success in their volleyball careers. 
A concentration on teaching the correct fundamental techniques of passing, serving, hitting, setting, blocking, anddigging, as well as advanced techniques in accordance with skill levels.
- To establish a successful club program through; hardwork, dedication, excellent coaching staff, that will prepare our athletes for the future.

See the link CLUB INFO, for information about tryouts, registration, and payments.
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